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Trans Pride Warm-Up by CreatureOfHabit

Trans Pride Warm-Up


Old Upload from DA - in preparation for the Eclipsepocalypse.

I've never been one to make pride pieces or pride art. Despite the fact that I am, in fact, trans, I have never seen this as a major defining factor in who I am as a person. It is what I am yes, but that's not even nearly the whole of what I am (or consider myself to be).

I do, however, enjoy celebrating who I am. Unfortunately, with my current job, this is something I don't really get the opportunity to do very often anymore.

So I decided that, for a warm up for what will surely be one hell of an undertaking (finally creating an official reference sheet for my fursona in preparation for commissioning my first ever partial suit), I'd do something I haven't really ever done until now — draw a pride piece, while celebrating some of my other favorite things. Blink and you'll miss it! LOL

Also I high-key want that t-shirt IRL, who else?