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Doodle-A sudden feeling by Creamecream

Doodle-A sudden feeling


"I-I got a little paycheck,
You got big plans, and you gotta move,
And I don’t feel nothing at all,
And you can’t feel nothing small,
Honey, I love you, that’s all she wrote,
You’ve been on my mind, girl, like a drug,
Heaven help the fool who falls in love,
You’ve been on my mind, girl, since the flood,
Heaven help the fool who falls in love,”

I know, I know, I know, their party banter, I know all about how they treat each other (how Fenris treats Merrill) but I can see this post game, especially if the two of them are left to their own devices together, which they are in my verse with the kids I draw (who aren't in my Dragon Age canon, and don't all fit in the same verse, but I like to make fanchildren, and while I ship characters, I also pair purely for the power combo or what colors I can use, etc.) that's how they end up together, and how Khaalida comes about, for some reason the two of them are left alone, and while their relationship is very, very rocky, they are together
Fenris is in love with Hawke, who is happily married to Sebastian, but Fenris won't let them go, while Merrill just wants to be happy with what they currently have, not pining away for Hawke

This is one of the only ships with Fenris I can see/I like, I'm mainly a Fenhawke shipper, but I like Fenrill

I firmly believe in Fenris being in love with Hawke no matter what, romanced or not, they're his first safe person, even though it's not the most healthy, etc. Hawke is safety, Hawke is freely given affection, no matter what, Hawke is his first safe person
I also have a preference for Bethany x Merrill (though Hawke is a mage in this verse, Bethany is dead) but enough about my main otps for the characters, have another ship I like

Just both heartbreak, but Merrill's is for Fenris just refusing to be happy, while Fenris' is for Hawke
I tried to make the lights in their eyes be broken hearts, sorry if that doesn't translate well, I may just see it because I drew it and I know what I intended

Fenris seeing Merrill in a "new light" stuff, of maybe, if he tries, he could, maybe, be okay, with her

"Ophelia"-The Lumineers
Merrill and Fenris-Dragon Age

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