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Doodle-The warden by Creamecream

Doodle-The warden


The Hero of Ferelden, Gray Warden Fae Surana.

Little bit of a ref sheet for one of my wardens, my "canon" warden, the one I fall back on for all other save files as my default, I have personal ideas and feelings about how Origins goes, so most of the time and across different wardens I just do the same, because I'm boring, romance Zevran, male warden to perform the ritual with Morrigan by himself and not have to rely on Alistair friendship, king Alistair ruling by himself, etc. etc. because I'm boring, and only really make very specific wardens for very specific playthroughs, like playing a female warden, romancing other characters than Zevran (besides Morrigan, sometimes it's a Morrigan time and I love my wife) queen Cousland, etc. etc.

I don't like any of the actual mage robes in game, so I just made my own (and reused different versions of it for my base female Surana, and male and female Amell) and just decided vines and such on the staff just looked neat, they also change depending on Surana's emotions and level of magic, sprouts more thorns for fights, etc.

Dats my bby! my bby boi! I love him much lots

I'm not happy with his name, I never was, but it was what came after a long, long period of trying and failing to name him
I think it's particularly dumb as he's an elf, and his name is Fae? he is a fae, it's weird, but it is what it is
I don't know if I'll do anymore, but Mahariel would be next, and he has a better name, I like the name Galahad

I was trying to change out his picture on his character sheet for this (just without the info blurbs) but I couldn't figure it out, I'll try again later

The Warden-Dragon Age

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