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Doodle-Yelling at each other by Creamecream

Doodle-Yelling at each other


5 December 2020 at 17:50:06 MST

"A meter apart,
You blankly stare,
We shout in our heads "are you still in there?"
Well this ends bad then, we knew it would,
So we won't eat our words, 'cause they don't taste good,
I'm guessing that I've grown horns,
I guess I'm human no more,
I can tell I've rotted in your brain,
Oh, how easily passion twists,
You think I'm a crazy bitch,
A thousand words are left unsaid, 'cause no one listens to the dead,
So maybe I will talk to you,
The only way I know how to,
Mmm, mmm, I've said my speech,
Mmm, mmm, through sharpened teeth,
You break the rules and spikes grow from your skin,
Oh, I think it might be worth a try,
Oh, am I ready to let this die?
Mmm, mmm, a monster's here,
Mmm, mmm, you plug your ears,
But hey, you might just listen to it soon,
Please let the devil in,"

I really don't know what this is or how it makes any sense, just sudden feels about TAZ, Lucretia especially, so I wanted to draw her real quick

I'm actually in a lot of pain right now, so I didn't really know what the idea for this was...I guess if Davenport didn't lose his memories? and Lucretia still keeps him with her, her Capn'port, but he's kinda pissed at her, because of course he is, especially with her trying to turn the THB against Barry for the moment

Lucretia! has! the! duck! Magnus! made! for! her!! fight me!

"Monster"-Dodie Clark
Davenport and Lucretia-The Adventure Zone

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