Doodle-Date aftermath by Creamecream

Doodle-Date aftermath


5 August 2020 at 18:16:06 MDT

"Taako, I-I wanna know,”
“Was this-was this call for business or pleasure?”
“...yeah, I mean a little bit of both. I-I-uh for sure didn’t wanna be dragged to hell or whatever it is you do, stored in the ghost house or with Casper and the lot, don’t wanna do that, in the mirror? if I remember? I am not interested in that, but if like-but also, I-I-I’m love your style, not crazy about the sort of cold clamminess' of the skin, but like uh, yeah, y’know, it’s been awhile out here.”

Taako's a hekking gay, my dudes, and Kravitz is totes handsome and a dork, they are in love and I love them

"Been awhile", more like "Ah, yes, thank you, I want that one for boyfriend"

Date literal death and get perks, like inviting him for wine and pottery, and making him uncomfortable, uncomfortable but also smitten, yes, thank you

Hey, I finished something, not that I'm having a hard time drawing right now, I'm just drawing a lot but not finishing anything, I have like six more wips half done right now, so I kicked myself to finish something

Kravitz and Taako-The Adventure Zone

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