'd you get in here? by Creamecream'd you get in here?


21 July 2020 at 21:50:16 MDT

"Seems you boys have added quite a bit to your death count.”
“...that one’s on me...”

Surprise! get home and there's a hot guy in your living room and you are a gay mess

Kravitz is tired of this shit, he didn't even dress up like he normally does, his ponytail is looser than normal, and he's shucked off his suit, and Taako is?? hella smitten, help him, he's gay and Kravitz is hot

I have literally no idea why this took me so long, I restarted it like three times, and it took me two days, I just finished it, get it away from me, I didn't even make them lit from the floor like I wanted because there's a clear panel on the floor that shows off the planet and junk

Taako is just a bit shorter than Kravitzm who is a loomy boy and is tol

Kravitz saw that Taako, Magnus, and Merle died more, and internally screamed for a minute, he's so tired, help him, but it gets him a date, then a boyfriend, so hey! worth it

Taako and Kravitz-The Adventure Zone

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    Anyone who gone through 11th hour advent probably now know how to feel like a video game character.

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      Kravitz, just watching Tres Horny Boys death count go up: the fuck? who keeps giving out extra lives? mom!
      Raven Queen: calm down honey.
      Kravitz, pointing at the death count going up: what the fuck? what the fuck?

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        Temporal Chalice: pressing an extra lives button.

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          Kravitz, once he gets back from his date with Taako, a dreamy smile on his face: ...
          Raven Queen: you find out who's been giving them extra lives, hun?
          Kravitz: wha-? oh! um...actually I've decided to drop it...
          Raven Queen, sighing: baby, my son, light of my immortal life...did you fuck the elf?

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            Istus: He fucked the elf.

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              all other reapers: he tried to fuck the elf
              Raven Queen, sighing: boi

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                Lup: I can confirm, that it’s true.

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                  Lup, inside the umbrastaff: can you NOT fuck my brother when I'm IN THE ROOM??