Furthemore commission collage by Crazdude

Furthemore commission collage


21 April 2016 at 08:02:08 MDT

Holy cow FurTheMore 2016 was my first Artist Alley at a convention... and it was excellent!!

I met some awesome people, drew some handsome, sweet, and gorgeous characters! ^^ I also made way more $ than I was expecting to! Friday alone was amazing but I had Artist Alley for Saturday and Sunday too! faints

Fortunately, I was packed to the gills. I had ALL THE SUPPLIES. Laminator, hole punchers, sharpies, garbage bag, jug of water, 260+ Prismacolor marker set... you know, all the things you might take for granted when doing art in the comfort of your own home!

I had post-con depression followed by a 9-day long headcold X_x Which is why it took me until now to post these!

Artwork (c) Carrie Lindstrom (Crazdude)

Characters belong to:
strredwolf, Chazzfox (FA), bayoubaby (FA), captainlupedelbosque (FA), thunderstrike
Wolfmama (FA), angrosh (FA), Jazzberryjam (FA), lhiver (FA), archadia (FA)