Badges for FurTheMore Roomies by Crazdude

Badges for FurTheMore Roomies


3 April 2016 at 11:06:53 MDT

I decided to try some new fun things with Illustrator: drew all the repeating graphics on the bandanas and used the Illustrator repeating pattern feature to create "fabric" for the bandanas!

Badges created for myself (Craz-wolf) and my roommates:

Nighty - "Nightspiritwing" on FA - DA - Twitter - Instagram / "WingTipDesigns" on FB
Husband - Husband_Kitty on Twitter and Instagram
Kota Winter - DakotaWolf12 on Twitter and FA

I will be working on a hotel room sign next ^^

Art and Craz-wolf (c) Crazdude
Characters (c) respective owners