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Jamjams Myst and Etoh badges 2015 by Crazdude

Jamjams Myst and Etoh badges 2015


Commission for JamJams of her OC Myst and her hubby's OC Etoh - She requested a Jolteon plush (my first attempt at a Pokemon EVER) and a cup of Starbucks coffee (which I have made into "Starpup" due to limited space (the logo is the size of a pea xD) - Etoh is gonna nom on some Pho soup! Tasty!

Jamjams allowed me to play around and do the line-art with Adobe Illustrator, print it, then color by hand.

I still have to adhere to decorative paper and laminate to complete the badges.

Characters belong to their respective owners!

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Visual / Traditional


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    You already know how much we love these, but ugh I still just can't get over how amazing they turned out!! You truly know how to capture Myst and Etoh perfectly! Especially Etoh and his pho!! He seriously does lick his chops when we go to get some
    yummy pho!

    But, again thank you so much for doing these for us! I defiantly cannot wait to wear mine at BLFC next year! <3

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      eeeeeeeee!! smothers you with hugs and happiness I'm so glad you like! I think your happiness is the only thing keeping me going at this point. Work has not been ideal lately. Suuuuper stressed. Your happiness puts a smile on my face and I can't thank you enough for commissioning me again! <3333

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        AH! Your artwork makes me happy, and it makes me even more happier than Etoh and I were able to commission you again!!! Thank you so much again. <3