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rowan bear by cptmercier

rowan bear


24 January 2014 at 17:45:29 MST

i keep seeing this thumbnail on one of my folders and it's bugging me. i started this back in october for my boyfriend's birthday; this is his precious kodiak bear character on his wip site, isles of ereos where people have "spirit" forms that can range from "creatures"(vampires, werewolves, dragons, ect) to normal animals that they can turn into willingly or via strong emotions. rowan's family line carry bear spirits and sometimes the rare asiatic lion, like his son(my character), thomas, has.

anyways, this shouldn't take any time at all to finish but i wanted to post a wip of it to show it off a little in the mean time. i used a reference~ obviously, otherwise this wouldn't look near as decent. still doesn't do rowan any justice and i suck for taking so long a birthday gift. it's gonna be sam's birthday again by the time i get it done... if so i can throw thomas in it and make it a family portrait as his gift for next year LOL