Commission: Mars & Orin by cptmercier

Commission: Mars & Orin


22 January 2014 at 09:33:05 MST

man this one is like. four years old, maybe a bit more. one of those i should toss into the pot of "pics to redraw in the future".

this was done for a close friend of mine of his suave man Mars and his pretty lady Orin(friend's friend, nuki's, char). it took ages to get started and then ages to sketch and then ages to do everything else. not to mention it took so long to begin with, it got caught in the middle of me moving out for a couple months and coming back home to no internet for a year.

but j really liked it once i was able to get it to him! i'm still personally fond of how Mars came out. he was really fun to do and i loved working on him cause he'd been my favorite char of j's for years. i used refs for both's poses.

i do want to redraw this one day just to see if i can improve on it and make it better. one day.

one day i'll stop writing huge comments to my pieces. apologies for that, i'll stop writing novel descriptions cause who even reads the descriptions to pictures besides me LOL

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    I'm very fond of the hair in this piece, it looks awesome on both characters. \o/

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      aa thank you <3 i'm fond of mars' hair myself. cause he's got jared leto hair and j said i'm the only one who's ever drawn it perfectly. and it was so fun to draw both their hairstyles~ /ramble/ramble