pomself by coynu



1 February 2014 at 13:38:24 MST

wow okay i don't think i've ever attempted a fursona that fit as well as this one does!!

her name is coy ofc, but she also goes by pom/pomself since that's what i refer to her as too

she's a pomeranian, 5'6", feminine in both voice & appearance but retains gender fluidity with no actual preference toward what gender she's referred as & she's got a dick too, because that's a dream of mine, whoops

personality wise she's excitable (levels of obnoxiousness skyrocketing when hyper), has stupid humor and thus laughs at everything, doesn't know how to handle being doted on, but always dotes on her favorite people

on the flip side she's very passionate in her negative emotions-- sadness is painful to her because stress wears on her body easily, and anger consumes her when the cause provokes enough. she finds the most confidence in herself when she has someone else to hate

and her themesong --> beepboop

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    Ahh adorable! Light peachy colour schemes are lovely. The description made me smile too huhuu. Seems like someone I'd wanna be pals with uwu

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    brb drawing her

    my god whut a cutie

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    she's really cute<3

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    Super cute ;w; I like how you drew the fluff round her neck and ears

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    shes super cute!!

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    Oh my god, how gorgeous! What a wonderful character design - it's so simple yet elegant, and the reference sheet layout itself is just so clean and beautiful! I am loving the little detailing around her fur ruff, how pom-pommy it looks!

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