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Drat! by Cowrie



Princess Giselle Seraphine "Dragongut", here, is the sole child of the king and queen of Athaine. Her parents had a great deal of trouble conceiving, so much so that the queen sought the help of a witch. The witch helped the queen conceive with a potion made from the heart of a dragon. At birth, the princess seemed normal, but as she grew, so did her appetite and strength. At the age of thirteen, her dragon side fully manifested for the first time when she swallowed her maid whole. Ever since then, she has been unable to help herself from eating the occasional person. Her stomach can seemingly dissolve anything, with an average peasant being turned to mush in about forty-five minutes, and even the biggest, burliest knight in full plate armor being reduced to chyme in less than two hours. At her current age of eighteen, Giselle needs more than her weight in food every day to stay healthy, and is able to swallow creatures as large as an average dragon. Though she tries to quell her hunger with livestock, she frequently loses control and slurps down the nearest person. Despite her struggles to contain her appetite, Giselle secretly enjoys the feel of live prey struggling in her belly. When her emotions or hunger run high, her eyes develop slits pupils like a dragon, and since she was fifteen, she has been able to breathe fire like a dragon, though she finds it exhausting to do so.

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