Why not to rub cat bellies (animated comic thing) by Cowboypunk

Why not to rub cat bellies (animated comic thing)


7 May 2014 at 16:43:02 MDT

I keep seeing people complain about how their cats will bite them after just a little belly rubbing, when cats aren't really asking for it at all. They just like you OuO

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    So freaking kawaii.

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    Different for every cat but yes! My aunt's cat actually enjoys being rubbed on the belly.

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    Haha so cute! My Nora seems to enjoy belly rubs, but she does totally prefer chin and chest rubbins more. Maybe she's just very polite about it.

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    the second and third gif are killing me

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    That cat is so friggin' cute~

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    I have found if I rub their heads at the same time they let me pet their bellies. At least this seems to be so with most cats.

    Also when I meet a new cat I lay on the ground with them with my belly up.

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      My cat will do similarly. She hates being held with her belly up, but she's okay so long and I'm petting her head. Once I stop, though, she's had enough of that shit, lol

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        I'm guessing it might be sending them mixed messages.

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    my cat absolutely loves belly rubs! we also tumble around and play on the floor and I tickle him and bury my face in him.

    he's pretty much a dog.