Soul Jar - Nire (animated commission) by Cowboypunk

Soul Jar - Nire (animated commission)


8 December 2017 at 12:08:51 MST

The most wintery soul collected for  bluenire bluenire

I won't be making these again until next October, so if you missed the window to commission one, you can keep an eye out for the reaping next year!

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    what do you animate your smoke with? Oh btw, do you remember asking me what I animated something with during artslam? I recently heard of a free, actually open source, alternative to spine which has mesh deform. It's called Dragon Bones if you haven't heard of it already. :D I've not used it though so I dunno what it's fully capable of but it looks pretty good.

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      I use After Effects - prolly 90% of my animations are After Effects outside of my wiggly comic anims. And yes, I do remember! AAAH thanks for the ref!! I'm mostly hoping for (and it looks like Dragon Bones has it) more comprehensive deform tools that Spriter doesn't have, and that I would otherwise do in After Effects with puppet pins/warp tools.

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        yeah I've tried those puppet pin tools in AE before and they're pretty fiddly/not great to use. Here's hoping that dragon bones has what you want! certainly seems to have most of what spine has in the videos I've seen