Ty Dai Cutie Pie cover by Cowboypunk

Ty Dai Cutie Pie cover


12 December 2016 at 22:19:37 MST

I'm working on a short comic + recipe series for   boxsonaofficial boxsonaofficial
It's about a cat dad and his adorable daughters cooking! New pages will come out with each box~

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    Okay you have my fullest attention now, this has something special into it. I'd buy this if it was at a comic shop.

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      :D <3
      I'm considering making a series outside of this, possibly an animation? Idk I feel like it would work really well as an animation, preferably with a child voice actor for the tiniest kitty ;o;

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        Now your just adding to the more interest blackmail with your ideas and plans. Wouldn't be to hard to make an animation, shite the 3d stuff I use is harder and your a talented face puncher awesome lad.

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          Yeah, I imagine it'd be fairly easy to animate, especially if I set up some decent puppets (although idk how well they would work stylistically). Main thing is getting some voice talent and time x-x

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            Gosh that's the hardest thing of them all: Voice actors. I still need to plan on that for my works, puppets can't be to bad!

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    oh my this looks adorable!!