Please don't send me friend request before getting to know me. I will not accept it for at least a week.

🥀 Sam! (I like to be called Optimus prime!!) | Biromantic Demisexual | 23 | Taken!!!!! | Professional Digital Artist | 🍩 | female | 23 | easily scared and annoyed | very shy but very nice | I’m sensitive roll me in bubble wrap | transformers fan ❤️ | I love my friends more than anything | lynx/Bobcat mix | grumpy af | comes off as rude sometimes | anxious 24/7 | not a sexual person at all | sfw artist | 🔪 | if you give me food I’ll love you forever | 🖤 | 🇺🇸 | pureblood Arkansas | meanest person you'll ever meet | if you pick a fight with me you'll wish you hadn't | sweetheart on the inside

My big sister !!!
hurt her you die man >:C

I’m nothing.
I’m worthless.
I’m a loser.
I don’t belong here.

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🍪7-3-18🍪 Please read before approaching me.

COMMISSIONS OPEN super cheap!! First one is always free!

It takes a little time for me to make friends, but I'm extremely friendly once you get to know me!

Hi I'm optimus prime, I'm obsessed with transformers and optimus prime of course.
Please don't trace, copy or use my characters or works for your personal use! If it is made for you, you may request it!
I have a copyright on my art, and my business.

About me!

| I’m extremely shy around new people and I tend to keep to myself. Once you become my friend though be ready for a butt load of appreciation and love. (And art!!) please be gentle around me, I’m sensitive af and I have PTSD and terrible anxiety. I do a lot of vent art, it helps me a lot. I make a lot of my works viewable to my friends only,, I have horrible trust issues and tend to lash out if I find you threatening. I’m not very trusting, I’m extremely paranoid about a lot of things,,
I’d really appreciate it if you would follow me but don’t send a friend request,, I’ll do that on my own. If you do however, well I can’t stop you from doing that but I will warn you, it may take time,,,
I’m pretty friendly once you get to know me I’m just terrible at socializing,,, I apologize in advance.

Q and a!

Q: I love your art!!! What program/brush settings do you use?

A: ;;;;; first off thank you so much,,, second,, I’m not comfortable giving out my art program and I don’t have brush settings,,

Q: are you a furry?

A: I mean I have a fursuit but I don’t use it,, I’m a retired fursuit maker,, I draw a lots of animals bc that’s all I can draw,, but no I’m not really a furry. But I don’t hate them, I just dislike parts of the fandom,, like the weird fursuit ones.

Q: I sent you a friend request. Why won’t you accept it?

A: ;;;;; I’m sorry,,,, please don’t be upset,, I’m a very paranoid person and its really best to tell me your sending it before hand or even better, let me send the friend request,, I have terrible paranoia is all.

Q: when did you start drawing? I want to be as good as you someday!

A: as sweet as that is,, please don’t say that,, it makes me extremely uncomfortable to know someone thinks of me like that,, I’m not a good person inside, you shouldn’t be looking up to me,,, besides I’m just like a person. To me all artists are on the same level. ❤️ Your no different from me in my opinion. I started drawing in 2014 traditional wise.

Q: can I be your friend? I heard you make art for your friends!

A: jafgtfdygfyih that’s so true,,, well I mean,, we can be friends??? Let me warm up to you tho!!!!!! I’m extremely shy so don’t give up trying to talk to me,, 10 out of 10 chances if you leave a comment on my page I will most likely answer but please don’t give up,,

Q: why are you so paranoid? Did something happen to you?

A: actually yes,, that’s why I have ptsd and anxiety.

Q: why don’t you make a deviantart? It’s easier to talk to you that way.

A: don’t take this the wrong way. Please.

I have a deep hatred for that site because a lot of things happened to me there, I’m not saying what they are bc that’s private,, but please don’t bring that site up to me. I have nightmares and sometimes even flashbacks, it’s not pretty. So for your sake and mine please don’t bring it up.

Q: can I trace your art?

A: please don’t!! ;;;;;; I put a lot of heart into my art,,, that’s why I got a copyright.

Q: we’re friends right? Why haven’t you made me anything?

A: if you have a human character or a transformer character I can’t draw those,,, ;;; but I’ll make you a character I can draw!,,,,,

Q: how old are you?

A: 1,00000000000000 years old I’m Optimus Prime remember? No, im 23 UvU

Q: what are your pronouns?

A: she/her I guess I don’t really care

Q: you say your mean and rude but your so sweet! Why do you say that?

A: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; your too kind,,,, I’m not nice at all, if you think im nice your a pure hearted soul god bless you,,,,,,

### I'm so mean to my friends especially silver he puts up with a lot from me,,

I'm unpredictable when it comes to moods. One day I’ll be a horrible complainer the next back to quiet and shy. I say that to warn you so you won’t get hurt.

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The special beans (special beans are people who I consider family. These are the people who deserve everything from me they have been here for me and never left. Please don’t feel left out! They have a special place on my page.)


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Im always tired, Im an insomniac :c
I’m an experienced digital artist who’s always making gift art for my friends, I can’t seem to stick to one style xD
I’m really grumpy and mean a lot of the time but I’m extremely kind hearted and will go out of my way to make you feel better if your having a bad day. I often make art for my friends, if your brave enough to befriend me I’ll make you art too! I often bite, (not hard enough to bleed) so watch out! I love to talk about transformers, and nimbusthemix likes to send me videos of Optimus Prime dying for some reason. xD I’m practicing with pixels right now! I love sparkly, glittery stuff! Please don’t be afraid of me, I won’t hurt you no matter what nimbusthemix tells you! The only one you need to be afraid of is my gf! ;0; thank you for visiting my page, and have a great day!


Discord (i change my name a lot)
Optimus prime #7372
Snarky Barky

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on 11 July 2018 at 15:06:38 MDT

My mom fell down the stairs when I came home from work, she was there for several hours while I was away. I’m bringing my tablet to the hospital but if your in a server with me, I won’t be able to call for a few days! Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Full body with detailed background
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I have extremely detailed works and very cheap too.

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Full body with detailed background
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