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Wreck-Gar by CosmicTrashbag



It’s the trash lord himself! (I love this dingus!)

  • Wreck-Gar is the leader of a colony of Cybertronians that split pre-war, so long ago that there are no records of them ever leaving on either side.

  • He and his people live on the planet Junkion, which is composed primarily of waste and garbage ejected into space that somehow managed to clump together into a planet-sized mass.

  • Wreck-Gar and his colony are the living embodiment of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and as such they are fairly well-known as a trading planet where you can take worthless items and root around in the heaps of garbage for anything of interest.

  • Junkion is located in an area of space where a lot of frequencies are bounced around due to the location of other planets, this means they receive a lot of broadcasts from an incredible variety of planets, as such they watch a lot of TV.

  • A common adaptation among Junkions is the “half-pipe” tail which can function as a way to hold a lot more than they could normally carry in their arms.

  • Just like all Junkions, Wreck-Gar has an excellent knack for being able to make quick ‘fix its’ from random items and could probably make three working clocks from your trash right now.

  • Wreck-gars thin and nimble legs allow him to move quickly through the mixed terrain of Junkion.

  • He is a very peppy and warm individual and almost always high-energy.

  • Yes, he knows his memes too, much to the annoyance of Ultra Magnus.

  • Junkions ‘seem’ to “speak TV” as they will often imitate broadcasts from the specific planet of the race they encounter, at first, as a gesture of hospitality and good will.

  • They mistook the crash landing of Ultra Magnus and his small crew to be an attack, however, leading to their somewhat turbulent first-meeting with the Autobots.

  • Despite mostly siding with the Autobots and being classed as Autobots upon reintroduction to Cybertron, Wreck-Gar and the Junkions are largely neutral and still accept trades from visiting Decepticons.

  • Wreck-Gar totally knows how to use his axe-turned-staff. He’s watched so much TMNT.

  • He is actually quite proficient with it, but probably not from watching TV.

  • A Lithonian named ‘Nancy’ lives with Wreck-Gar on Junkion, welcomed there as a ‘honorary Junkion’, Wreck-Gar and the Junkions took her in after Unicron destroyed her planet making her, potentially, the last of her kind.

  • Is surprisingly good with an accordian, no ones quite sure why he claims he’s “daring to be stupid” when using it though.

  • Worked alongside First Aid as a ‘extra’/makeshift medic on more than one occasion during Ratchet’s temporary absence.

  • Is considered a bit of an “uncle to all” on Junkion and a lot of the younger Junkions call him Uncle. He’s very perceptive of people’s needs and will always do his best for his people.

  • Doesn’t always smell the best.

  • Often has a lot of odd bits of junk on him for no real reason, other than he ‘likes them’.

  • Can move bipedally and quadrupedally.

  • As proven by their first meeting, after Hot Rod calmed him and the other Junkions down, once he likes you and considers you a friend he can and will go fight a cosmic horror-demon will you if you merely ask him.

  • He is, no pun intended, a scrappy fellow.

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