You kept up your end by CosmicTrashbag

You kept up your end


1 March 2020 at 16:41:58 MST

“You saved my Decepticons and the entire Universe. You have earned my respect, there will be no war today” Galvatron approached Optimus, taking the Autobots hand in his own and ignoring the streaks of alloy that transferred to his own hand.

“Thanks to your cooperation” Optimus was quick to smile back, pondering the feel of the mutant leaders odd hand around his own, “Are you sure it’s just for today? I think you want some peace too” Optimus decided to try his luck, a flash of tiredness and various emotions flashed through Galvatrons eyes briefly as the words mulled over in his head.

“Since I gained free will there’s nothing I wanted more, but I must care for my Decepticons first and see how they feel and their wants” Galvatrons voice was tinged with tiredness, “I am tired of fighting” He added with a whisper.

“I too can respect a leader who cares for his men, I will always be ready to hear from you regarding peace” Optimus nodded solemnly and gave a possible new friend a reassuring squeeze.

A screenshot I've always wanted to redraw!