Fancy meeting you here... by CosmicTrashbag

Fancy meeting you here...


31 December 2019 at 14:54:19 MST

Alpha Trion hadn’t been to one of these balls in ages, it was strange but he was still happy to see some familiar faces and to know the friend who invited him was doing well enough to host such a extravagant event.
“Hello Alpha” Alpha Trions lip-plates curled at the crooning voice, so sweet yet the condescending venom dripped freely.

“What do you want Megatron?” Alpha Trion barely hid his contempt for the other mech now standing over him swirling a glass nonchalantly in one hand.

“Nothing, just surprised to see you here, I thought only bots who were worth anything would be here” He pretended to be looking into his glass but Trion caught the glance.

“I am a friend of Highroad, I was invited by him” He hissed back.

“Hmph” Megatron hid a small chuckle, “And here I thought he was holding this to impress other potential business partners to save his faltering industry… Not to show off the pathetic, honestly Alpha, you used to be worth so much, what happened to you?” Alpha growled to himself feeling the anger boil in his Spark but desperately trying not to let that smug prick know he got to him.

“Love is nothing to be ashamed of!” He spat back, “I don’t care about people’s ‘worth’ they were worth everything TO ME and that’s all that mattered! There are things that mean more than power or money Megatron! Maybe one day you’ll learn that!”

“BAH HA HA HA!” Megatron made no attempt to control his volume, “Oh, Alpha you are a stupid little mech, do you hear yourself? Worth more than money or power, how ridiculous, I mean how long did that ’'love” last you? Pathetic"Alpha shook with rage taking every bit of energy he had not to jump the larger mech, the nerve of him, bringing his dead lover into this his drink wobbled dangerously in his hands when Megatron leaned down, smile wide and smug.“Now how about you run along now and go join the riff-raff you belong with now? After all it was so, so, SO kind of Highroad to throw you some scraps but gosh, wouldn’t it be a shame if he were to lose everything after people learnt he cavorted around with the disgraced worthless such as yourself I mean–”

“I GET your implication Megatron, I’ll leave, I’d rather not be around the likes of you!” Alpha hissed, storming out.

Alpha Trion has met Megatron before the war.

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