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No bot left behind by CosmicTrashbag

No bot left behind


“Leave me Optimus! Everyone will be infected if–”
“Don’t talk like that! We won’t leave you behind Perceptor!”

Redraw of a screenshot from the episode "Cosmic Rust", in which as thank you for saving his life from the titular rust disease while he whines like a petulant spoiled brat, Megatron infects Perceptor with it, ensures he has none of the cure left then leaves him out in the open to either die from infection, blow up from a bomb he put on him, or, Megatrons more desired outcome, be rescued by the Autobots and infect them all with the fatal disease.

Megatron sure knows how to thank people for saving his life huh?

Anyway, wanted to redraw this shot primarily to use their different body shapes in the Extriverse to some effect.