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Party Memories by CosmicTrashbag

Party Memories


You weren’t always big on these‘parties’ but as a bot with both wealth and noble code in his system you were always expected to show to at least a few.
The host was a fellow you’d met a fair few times, not sure you considered him a friend, a bit gaudy you thought, even more so as you gazed upon the glittering gold ballroom he’d set up. Although he was a dab hand at using an arm-mounted weapon to hunt Turbofoxes.

Speak of the devil, here he came now, a powerful hand clamping down on your back with enough force to make you wobble and a loud boisterous laugh filled your audios
“Enjoying yourself Mirage?” he chortled.
“A positively splendid time Megatron, you do pull out all the stops” Mirage said with a nod and a gentle toast of his glass.
“Well nothing but the best for the elite of Cyberton! I do hope we can become better aquianted Mirage”.

Mirage shuddered at the unwelcome memory and looked around at his fellow Autobots. He was eternally glad to be with them and not Megatron.

Mirage remembers encountering a creep at a party.