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BW2 H+G au: Meet the Kids by CosmicTrashbag

BW2 H+G au: Meet the Kids


22 December 2019 at 15:27:06 MST

An AU made with Raax on Tumblr.

Basically a 'hansel and gretle' AU, in which Hot Rod and his sister Arcee take the roles of the 'main characters'. Only when they find the biscuity house and eat it as the witch returns they find the witch to be very different!
The witch is none other than BW2's Galvatron! Who is appalled at two abandoned kids and immediately takes them under his wing to be loved and cared for by him and his familiars, because it's what these sweet little kiddies deserve!.

Now image explanation:
They both knew Galvatron was seeing someone but hadn't met him, apparently he occasionally travels for a long time. So when this big Chimera comes into the house one day while they're along they naturally freak out, but keen to protect their loving home they come up with a plan!
Hot Rod grabs a blanket, Arcee grabs a bat, they're gonna take down this Chimera and be the heroes!

It's only later they find out this isn't an ordinary chimera and in fact their new parent's partner! Oopsie! Just bonked their new dad over the head! At least Cyclonus took it kindly.
(I mean it's one way to meet his new kids...)

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