The Empty by CosmicTrashbag

The Empty


25 August 2019 at 05:44:35 MDT

So I got shown these guys  and decided I just had to have them in my 'verse, even if they don't play a prominent role.

  • Empties are the result of consuming infected water.
  • Deep below Cybertrons surface a silo of old fluid degraded enough for it to seep into the ground and eventually water, causing this.
  • The condition, when caught early is treatable with a combination of medicine and Energon.
  • If treated without the medicine and just Energon, negative symptoms are held off for a long while, however, it is not gone completely and will eventually cause the sick bot to become very brittle and fragile, it also causes thoroughly unpleasant degrading to several processor connections.
  • Pre-war the illness never progressed to the ‘empty’ stage, although rumors had it those who did reach this stage were spirited away before anyone knew.
  • During the War the focal point of this infection was in Decepticon territory and with the tight leash quickly implemented on all supplies it didn’t take long before there were many Empties wandering about.
  • Megatron decided “No one will miss them” and made them soldiers.
  • With the disease causing brittleness they were used as nothing more than bait, distractions or sent off to merrily trot to their deaths.
  • Megatron very much enjoyed sending them over mine fields to ‘scout out’ the danger.
  • Upon reaching the Empty stage bots will just aimlessly wander about until, one day, curling up and dying where they drop.
  • When given an order, no matter who by, an Empty will lazily obey it without question.
  • Galvatron is scared of them despite only having seen them in historical documents.
  • Explorations have found the source of the contaminant to have originated from an abandoned Quintesson lab sealed underground. It’s purpose and access into the lab are currently unknown.

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