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30 May 2019 at 04:46:23 MDT

They Cyberphants are an extinct type of fauna native to Cybertron, these big majestic beasts did not survive the Autobot-Decepticon war.
Information on these beasts below the cut.
These large creatures are native to the hotter regions of Cybertron and have adapted well to the living conditions, on either side of their heads they have upward-angled vents and surrounding their stomachs they have a pouch of coolant nearer the surface layers. This dual system is a key part in helping them to maintain such large sizes without overheating.

The beasts live in herds from anywhere between 15-35 individuals, the herds are lead by the eldest, a fascinating thing to note about these creatures is that each herd seems to have a specific route they frequent with favourite grazing grounds, watering holes and even areas they seem to head to when a sickness has affected the herd or even when the eldest passes away.

Cyberphants are remarkably intelligent creatures, they have been observed to do a variety of amazing practices, an explorer once witnessed the death of a herd’s eldest and the herds behaviour at such a time, each member of the herd rubbed the old elders head with it’s trunk and the next eldest sat with the old one until they passed. Other instances of high intelligence include obvious displays of learning, recognising themselves in a mirror and use of tools. Their capacity for empathy is also of note as they willingly help others of their own kind regardless of if they’re in the herd or not they have even been known to help creatures from other species should they pose no threat.
Fig. 1
The Scoop on the front of the Cyberphants body has many uses, one use is in displays of strength and power, often done to settle disputes and show off to potential mates. By rearing up and repeatedly slamming scoops they are testing out whose scoop is stronger and who has the stamina to outlast the other, especially as moving all their weight to their back legs for prolonged periods of time is quite unhealthy. They have shown this kind of threat/’challenge’ to Cybertronians before, as much as they show empathy their size and strength makes them still very dangerous to mess with, fortunately before rearing they perform a small ‘head bob’ as if they’re about to rear up, if you see one doing this motion, even if it’s not at you, it is highly advised you clear off so you don’t get crushed.
Fig. 2
In a place humans would think tusks should be, Cyberphants have a pale glassy light, in the dark this is used to navigate terrain. Some experts theorise it might also be part of a display not examined/seen by others before.
Fig. 3
The scoops have many uses, a tertiary use seems to be the transportation of Cyberphant calves, young Cyberphants are capable of walking almost from the get-go but often younger ones will be allowed a rest in their parents scoop. This also helps when danger is present as adults can move faster, due to their longer strides, so if the plan is to flee infants of appropriate size are scooped up for easier transportation.
Fig. 4
The primary use of the scoop (fighting seems to be secondary), is to aid in foraging for sustenance by digging up chunks of land before shaking the collected dirt out and searching within for food. The rubber pads on their forelegs also aid in this and allows them to spend a day digging with little-to-no ill effect on their legs.

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    Interesting creature design, and nicely illustrated too.

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      Thank you!
      I originally wasn't intending on making fauna designs for this au, or just in general really, but their idea kinda crept in and wouldn't leave! So I'm really happy to hear it's good!

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        That's understandable, sometime you just gotta draw. Keep up the good work!

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          True, then when the ideas hit you just gotta bring them out! Some of my nicer designs are ones that just flow on out :)