Blurr by CosmicTrashbag



28 April 2019 at 16:05:59 MDT

It's been just under a year since I officially did my first concept doodle of this guy and only now he gets finished hahahaha

• Blurr talks, he can turn a five-word sentence into a paragraph he just goes.
• What’s a space bar? What is pausing between lines?
• Blurr is mocked as having “reverse anxiety”, of course anxiety is different from bot-to-bot, person-to-person, but Blurr has zero anxiety racing in front of a huge, loud, cheering crowd be it televised or not but smaller, simpler things will make him anxious such as not knowing where his friends are, even if they are highly trained soldiers.
• But other than that he’s quite optimistic and always rearing to go.
• His ability to go at incredibly high speeds leaves him with a high body temperature as his systems work to keep it going. This has caused his skin to be permanently ‘contracted’ in some places in order to vent heat better, however, this has exposed his ‘light layer’ which makes him an easy target.
• His tail acts as a rudder when he runs.
• His thin frame does not have the same strong layering as other mech’s with similar ones (like Soundwave) and in fact, leaves him more susceptible to physical hits than others forcing him to rely on that speed to keep safe in physical confrontations.
• VERY enthusiastic.
• Sometimes his Processor races ahead of what he’s doing and he might get a little distracted or move onto something else.
• Despite his speed and speech-pattern making him unintentionally tough to be around, especially to those who didn’t know what to expect, sticking through is worth it as he one of the loyalist pals out there and will never leave you behind (unless it’s a race, no mercy).
• He gets bored quicker than others and so if you expect him to do a rather slow and dull job give him three other things to do at the same time so he can hop around between them to keep himself relatively orientated.
• He just likes doing things, especially active things.
• Occasionally has to run rings around his friends just to stay next to them like a chatty orbiting planet.
• Despite hating going slow, he’s not above hitching a lift by climbing onto the back of another bigger mech and just sitting there for a while.
• Don’t worry about sugar-jokes, the one time he actually had the Cybertronian equivalent he promptly just had a “sugar crash” rather than entering some state of ‘intense hyperactivity’ or whatever anyone actually expected to happen. Hot Rod called it “anticlimactic”.
• His speed leads him to largely be used to transport encrypted messages between bases when digital transferral was either unavailable or a terrible option.
• Got shown Sonic the Hedgehog and really likes him. He is sweetly unaware of some of the more… weirder sides of the fandom because everyone agrees it just feels like being a mean spoilsport to make him view all that.

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