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Jazz (click for gif)


15 April 2019 at 07:25:29 MDT

Jazzy boy! I’ve been imagining to make a gif of him for a while!

•Is old friends with Optimus, Ironhide and Ratchet and usually composed the fourth member of their group, but he had many friends and wasn’t always with them but loved to hang out.
• Was one of the first to discover just how much of a lightweight Optimus was when it came to high grade but being the good bro he is, he dragged the sloshed mecha home before he could do anything embarrassing or regrettable.
• His frill can fold up into the section on his neck.
• It does occasionally pop out when startled enough, it’s one of the few things that can make him a little embarrassed and shy when it happens, especially as he’s known for being one of the most ‘chill’ bots about.
• Was the guy who had a camera and liked to record things for ‘home movies’ to remember the good times. If asked he probably still has a couple of these tapes saved even after so much war.
• He’s very social and chatty, to the point where he was almost always at parties or holding them just to be out and about with many people and socialising with them.
• Jazz often started water/coolant fights when younger. They were a popular way for young bots to cool off and de-stress on hot Cybertronian days, to the point where it wasn’t too uncommon to find bots with actual hoses in their hands ready to spray others. They weren’t always looked at fondly by elder mechs.
• Has a number four on his doors on Earth. When asked he merely stated he thought the number looked ‘funky’ and he liked it.
• Excellent at improvisation which also means he has high praise of Hot Rod who is also better at thinking on his feet than sat down and strategising.
• LOVES dancing and music and can probably name the top 40 songs of each week.
• Blaster also feels this enthusiasm and the duo made quite an annoying pair as they continue to blare songs loudly as possible over the speaker systems.
• He can stand and walk bipedally, he’s just a bit more slouched and can waver from side-to-side a little.
• Likes words such as ‘funky’, ‘rad’, ‘dude’, ‘rockin’, etc because they just make him feel great when he uses them. It does make him sound a little like he’s still got his head in a rather stereotypical 80’s era but he just loves those words so dang much man, he can’t help letting them pour out.
• While never blind to a situation if it’s truly grave, the way he can always maintain an upbeat and outgoing personality both makes him very well-liked amongst his peers or occasionally the object of frustration when he’s being so chirpy.
• Ratchet angrily calls him ‘shameless’ quite a bit. Turns out this is mostly due to him not being too fond of Jazz’s complimentary attitude when younger (Jazz is all for body positivity and a grumpy Ratchet took it the wrong way, while that was all cleared up back then it’s still something Ratchet pulls out every now and then to call him when annoyed but not too mad).
• Finds running upright at the Decepticons with his frill out (especially if he manages to get close and ‘pop up out of nowhere’) is an excellent tactic to startle them all. He likes bragging and comparing the time he did it to a group of patrolling Seekers on Cybertron to those videos online of birds, or cats, scattering.
• Jazz possesses something he likes to call his “Sound and light show”, it’s an ability that was edited into what it was during the war.
• Jazz can light up his frill with an array of bright glowing patterns, but the best they used to do was cause headaches and be an awesome party trick, especially during raves.
• After some upgrades, editing and combining with a sound system partially made by Blaster, this has been turned into an effective ‘weapon’ against enemies. The lights now glow at a frequency that causes both headaches, disorientation and interferes with optical systems (He’s so glad he can turn this feature off), when connected to his sound system it can be a powerful combined weapon as his speakers can blare at damaging frequencies to knock down any bot unfortunately close enough to hear it.
• Suffered a lot of compression damage at the end of the Unicron wars as he was one of the unlucky few to end up inside the cosmic horror during its attack. The smothering mass of flesh that covered the planetoid he was on and sucked it into Unicron crushed a portion of his body, his limping wasn’t fast enough to escape the effects of Unicron’s death but he was thankfully saved by Ultra Magnus who carried him out.
• ‘Politely’ describes that event as “some of the most messed up shit” he ever saw.

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