Extriverse: Socketwrench by CosmicTrashbag

Extriverse: Socketwrench


14 April 2019 at 06:15:38 MDT

Name: Socketwrench
Nicknames: Socket, Wrench, Wrenchy, Peach/es/y.
Gender: Female/Femme.
Alt. Mode: Ambulance-like vehicle.
Creators: Ratchet, ???.
Voice/VA: TBD

Socketwrench follows closely in Ratchet’s path and as such takes her budding career as a Medic seriously. She at first seems more outwardly friendly than Ratchet’s gruff attitude even going so far as to have picked up a habit of cooly calling patients and friends “Sugar” and listening to every problem a patient may have.

Keep her talking long enough and you realise it’s more her warmer tone of voice and the disarming ‘sugar’ that’s the main difference. It doesn’t take too long to realise she is rather stubborn and grouchy with little tolerance for nonsense (to an extent, she’s not as ‘strict’ as she makes out). She’s also not above sassing out bots and enjoys watching the split second it takes them to figure out what she said wasn’t part of her warm-friendly-medic talk.
She can be competitive when pushed or aggravated enough.

That being said, however, she actually doesn’t mind the whole listening to people’s problems thing and gives some advice if they need it.

With new life slowly creeping back to Cybertron around him Ratchet felt the urge to be a part of this budding new world and step out into a fresh life.
However, the homely urges he felt required a second bot to come into his life, and that he wasn’t too keen on. Not that he despised those around him but he was not a ‘relationship type’ nor was he particularly interested in those around him for that sort of purpose.

The answer came by using an anonymous donor from the old database of Cybertron, a system that was a miracle to still be working even if less than 2% of it remained.

And so Socketwrench was made.
The little one was kept closely under Ratchets watch as he brought here everywhere he went, even into the medbay, at least the patients didn’t seem to wholly mind. Even if they could argue against it. They guess it was amusing to see the little one peering at them from her little nook in his armour upon which she chose to nestle down in and watch.

By the time she got her first frame, she was already shuffling adorably around the medbay trying to drag some big and heavy bit of equipment with her like the cutest little assistant.

She wasn’t always there, however, as spurred on by their own friendship when they were younger she was put into a lot of playdates with Optimus and Jazz’s respective offspring and they were glad they took to each other well, Guiltaur in particular often finding strength in her tough-love reassurance and quickly coming to view her as a close confidant.

Socketwrench was, of course, boarding a shuttle with Ratchet when still at a young age they and the other youngsters took a trip to some far off place, from the view out the window she didn’t like it at first, so dull, so dusty, bleh.

However it was here she and her friends met a new selection of friends and she began understanding more of the past and why some parts of Cybertron were still an utter mess.
Then again that’s none of her concern, she was still too young to really give a whole lot about the Decepticons (At least not until DeceptiLord staged a raid or two on Autobot supplies).

Here she ended up spending a lot of her time with her old friends and making new ones.
A long time and another frame later she and her friends on Cybertron would be given access to a ship named “The Horizon” and told to flee the planet, with nowhere else to go and family down on the now-being-invaded planet the youngsters knew they had to do something.
They piloted their ship to Chaar, they’re going to get their friends and they’re going to team up and take back their home!

• When she was a little bean, Ratchet compared her spherical appearance and colours to the Earthen fruit “Peach” and thus the nickname stuck. He’s not 100% sure why Bee called her a ‘porb’ once though.
• Prefers colder environments for no reason in particular.
• Picked up Ratchets ‘death glare’.
• Thinks Quasar can be too soft on bots.
• She is the only one Guiltaur doesn’t mind jumping onto his back for a lift.
• She’s stronger than she looks and can appreciate it when someone can sass her back or be rough.
• Socketwrench got training from the Dinobots who (due to their respect for Ratchet) thought they were being stealthy but Ratchet knows and isn’t against it.
• She’s tough, not the strongest, but is willing to throw down if needed when the others don’t get their act together.
• Thinks the Decepticons trainee medic, Petrichor, is a bit of a pushover but is impressed by his repair-promoting hum.

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