TFA: Galvonus ref by CosmicTrashbag

TFA: Galvonus ref


8 March 2019 at 14:26:29 MST

Name: Galvonus.
Nicknames: Gal, li’l G, Little G, Mini-G, Mini-me (By Galvatron only).
Gender: Male/Mech.
Galvatron (Carrier), Cyclonus (Sire).
Rupture, Paradrox, Cyclotron (twin), Bedlam, Turbulence (Siblings) (More tba)

Galvonus has a big tough spark.
He’s protective of everyone and everything with special attention to his family, he keeps an eye on his surroundings mindful to ensure peace in his environment. He keeps a whole variety of items in his subspace purely for any potential occasion where he might need to fix something or help someone.
However, he does not like being taken advantage of or seeing others take advantage of his family, he has perfected a death glare to emphasize this and is stronger than he looks making him willing to “throw down” if necessary to protect others.
As much as this seems uncharacteristic for his age, he’s always put others before himself like his Carrier but also no-nonsense like his Sire, the influences in his life clear despite his age. He is quietly curious, loving to doodle and look at everything and can be easily flustered which finally brings out the quieter childish side of him.

Galvonus is the fourth sparked to Galvatron and Cyclonus, himself and his twin earning their names due to their appearance.
He was a well-loved addition to their growing family and enjoyed life despite the debatable condition of Cybertron. In particular, he was quite fond of a certain “Rangers” show Aunt Sari showed him from Earth, he never understood why the Red Ranger always seemed to be the ‘leader’ colour.

Like all his family, he was devastated when Sari died and didn’t understand why they had to move and spend less time outside now, although his parents assured him it was for safety reasons.
When an accident tore his father and twin away from him he became noticeably closed off and refused to talk, even preferring to talk via hand signals rather than words. It was during this time his protectiveness reached very fierce levels, he was almost never away from his younger sister, Turbulence and despite there being a risk to himself often probed elder sibling, Paradrox, about the possibilities of using teleporting technology to find their missing family members. The only thing preventing him was a fear that he too would vanish to unknown places and leave his family behind.

He can already see how his missing beloved and a missing child was tearing Galvatron to shreds, he didn’t want to make it worse by vanishing himself.


  • Taps his fingers when agitated.
  • Always has a Medkit/Repair kit on him.
  • Often has a drill for both repairs and to ‘pretend-threaten’ others id he needs to.
  • Used to accompany his twin on his “ghost hunts”
  • Has a deep gravelly voice, particularly when older.
  • Like the rest of his family, he picked up the terms “Mom, Dad, Aunt, Etc” from Sari.
  • Collects things he deems useful.
  • Little child just wants to protect the family and make them happy.
  • He loves them so much.
  • If you hadn’t already guessed it, it’s Power Rangers, he loves Power Rangers.
  • Had a Power Rangers OC once. Might still have it. Shhh.
  • Doesn’t trust people quickly, he needs reassurance you won’t backstab or hurt those around him.
  • Basically, despite being young, he’s like a bouncer/bodyguard to all. You WILL be protected and kept safe so-help-him.

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