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Hot Rod - Rodimus Prime by CosmicTrashbag

Hot Rod - Rodimus Prime


Last of three bots that were requested of me!
Roddy the bunny/rabbit like Autobot hahaha! Don't ask I'm not sure what made me so determined to make him a bun!

• Is that punk kid who talks over you but waits until you get mad and accuse him of not listening to quote back things you’ve said, word for word.
• Hangs with Arcee, Blurr and occasionally Springer most.
• Will charge down the highway at high speeds blasting 80’s synth and glam rock.
• Doesn’t like sitting still or long speeches.
• Tends to charge in before thinking or listening to the entire action plan.
• He’s better thinking on his feet and doing anyway.
• Doesn’t always work out for him but he’s better at it.
• Likes pulling sick tricks on his hoverboard.
• His almost wing-like spoiler does move a little in his robot mode when emoting.
• May or may not have tried to hit on Arcee and took a bit too long to notice she wasn’t interested like that.
• Would be lying if he said he wasn’t metaphorically bricking it when he ended up inside Unicron.
• He does lie and claims he wasn’t.
• He also totally didn’t become sorta traumatised upon going through Unicron’s innards and seeing his core. That being said he’s okay with death now.
Rodimus Prime
• Was a kid with little responsibilities and now suddenly he’s in charge of a war. Help.
• Knows Ultra Magnus and Kup are trying to help but it’s not quite the right help for him.
• Felt disconnected from the role and his former friends for a long time and spent more time dissociating.
• Probably also didn’t help there was a good long year of no Decepticon activity.
• Will Galvatron stop calling him “Runt” already?
• What do you mean it’s actually a sorta-friendly nickname? Why does my ‘nemesis’ have a ‘friendly’ nickname for me anyway?
• Actually has a more placid relationship with his own nemesis than Optimus did with Megatron. Which is extra weird given Galvatron is more successful than Megatron.
• Every success built his confidence in himself up a step. Every failure knocked it back down five.
• Still trying his best.
• Is it okay to nap for a thousand years?
• Feels a bit jealous that he was “replaced” by Wheelie as the humans “main” friend. Also feels stupid for feeling that way.
• Snuck off to Junkion once to have a binge-watch of a tv program he liked before Magnus found him and brought him back home.
• Feels guilty for being Optimus’s replacement when he’s so ‘feeble’
• Actually had more than one chance to kill Galvatron but it was only because he’s blacked out mid-fight due to a seizure or lost focus. He already felt guilty about being a bad replacement to Optimus he didn’t also want to be “that guy” who only beat the Decepticon leader by taking advantage of health issues.
• Did the Cybertronian equivalent of calling Kup “dad” rather than “teacher/mentor/friend” Kup thought it was hilarious and assured him he wasn’t the first and won’t be the last to do so.
• Hold on, it took Devastator AND fire from Decepticon weaponry to tear through Autobot City’s armour, but Galvatron tore through it by himself with no weaponry…. How the fuck did I survive being “choked” by him…
• Only took a couple near-death experiences to get the hang of things, don’t worry guys he knows what he’s doing now!
• I’m a great leader! I’m stylish, I’m with the younger bots, I’m on the pulse! I can totally do this!
• Oh, Optimus is back? Cool.
Post-Prime Hot Rod:
• Acted totally happy to be free of the responsibility.
• Actually super peeved that the moment he actually started getting his bearings and easing into the role it was slipped out from under him.
• Gets pissy when people try bringing it up with him, he’s “free of being Prime” now, can’t they all buzz off?.
• During the ceasefire be bumped into Galvatron at an intergalactic flea market and felt like it was an out-of-body experience when his former enemy bid him a good morning and carried on like they hadn’t tried killing each other before in the past.
• Mmmm depression bouts.
• Took more to extreme sports.
• No Swoop I’m not running away from my problems since when did you and everyone else suddenly turn into psychiatrists?
• Tries being that “cool guy™”.
• Really, where is my life going at this point?
• Oh god, what do you mean Galvatron has incurable brain damage because I threw him into a plasma pit? I didn’t know it was there! Oh god, all of that was all my fault oh god.
• Galvatron, pointing at Roddy: “That’s him, that’s my dumb little bastard son, I love him”

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