Shockwave by CosmicTrashbag



8 March 2019 at 04:58:01 MST

I asked Tumblr who I should draw next in "my style/my verse" and Shockwave was the first answer so here he is!

• Shockwave was always the strange guy who lurked on the outer edges of everything.
• He managed to appear out of nowhere as a respectable weapons scientist. There are a few theories as to how he did that; such as kill a actual member of the military sciences and take their place.
• He was always a Cyclops. Being Cycloptic is a normal thing on Cybertron and just another kind of face type their highly varied species can have.
• He was always blessed with a silver tongue and could wrap people around his claws with but a few words.
• He got moved to Kaon by the Council where he took part in the production of new military weapons, which were all tested by the unknowing guinea pig’s - the gladiators.
• It was here he met Megatron and Grimlock.
• Grimlock was used in his experiments. Meanwhile, he saw Megatron becoming rebellious and planning a ‘revolution’.
• Shockwave knew that as a gladiator Megatron got little in the way of educational programming and probably couldn’t count to 10 if his spark depended on it. He would be easy as hell to use and unknowingly became a ‘toy’ for him.
• Shockwave had always viewed society as a big experiment, viewing his own logical and emotionless viewpoint to be superior and more beneficial to Cybertron’s development.
• He helped Megatron word a few of his speeches to be more ‘appealing’.
• He used Megatron to test out many of his experimented on Technimals and new weapons.
• While he may not have been huge in spreading Megatron’s word outside of Kaon he did examine some of the things coming in, which is how he came to give Megatron the ‘anonymously donated’ Fusion Cannon someone had made for him. He was quite impressed with the weapon personally, a very interesting design.
• He found Megatron’s friend Magnificus was actually a investigative journalist who’d hoped to report on the experimentation being performed in Kaon to the outer world. Which now included reporting about the increasingly psychopathic Megatron and his violent desires.
• Shockwave couldn’t allow his current experiment to go to waste and kidnapped Magnificus and told Megatron how his “former friend” was going to betray them.
• He watched, pleased with his own work, as Megatron publicly ripped Magnificus apart in front of everyone.
• When the war started he seemed content with the position of “fourth-in-command” mainly because he didn’t seem to care as long as he could experiment and keep power over whatever he wanted.
• It seems his involvement with Megatron stopped being so heavy around the beginning of the war as he decided to use his “free reign” more than spend time toying him.
• Has rubber ‘cuffs’ to his hands that act as insulation when he uses the ‘weapon core’ when he opens his fingers.
• When the war started his personality nosedived to even deeper levels and he became a shut-in to his own tower doing nothing but experimenting and following orders whenever commanded to.
• It’s likely due to prior experimentation on Technimals he oversaw the operation on Ravage.
• His experiments were downright scary, one of them involved cutting a small figment of his own Spark out.
• He died half-way through the Unicron wars.
• He did not care Megatron had died as Starscream would also be easy to manipulate should he needed to be, but Starscream being killed and replaced by Galvatron was new.
• Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge are practically a scientific wet dreams for Shockwave, their techno-organic bodies something he had tried to emulate a couple times in the past.
• However, he found the trio unreceptive to his manipulation and somehow immune to his attempts at trickery and saw through all of his ‘sweet words’.
• This lead Shockwave to be the first bot to discover the trio were, in fact, being puppeteered/lead by another entity.
• He never got to tell anyone as Unicron found it insulting that a mere mortal dare thinks itself even remotely capable of bending Unicron to their will. Unicron ordered his heralds to surround Shockwave and Unicron, essentially, exposed Shockwave to his life-essence a act that fried Shockwave’s unprepared processor and caused his head to explode. His body was then consumed by Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge leaving nothing left.

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