RiD15 - Galvatron, Code Name: Hot Lips by CosmicTrashbag

RiD15 - Galvatron, Code Name: Hot Lips


7 March 2019 at 16:37:45 MST

So I asked on tumblr for a scan of the Tiny Titans card art for Galvatron (seeing as it's pretty much RiD'15 style on the cards) because the main/only one available online was of poor quality.
Amazingly a cool dude came through and sent me a scan!

Naturally it wont be as crisp as having it in-hand but oh well it's still phenomenally better than what I had.

It also lead me to make THIS magical, utterly magical discovery.
He got nice smoochable lipssssss Hahahahaha like damn.
Cyclonus is DEAD
Look at his supermodel wifey.

I just... Need a fic where Galvatron takes over Cybertron one gloriously gorgeous photoshoot at a time and technically the council can't do shit because it's all legal! and Galvs knows it and is enjoying being a cheeky shit.
He's getting bail money to get Cyclonus out really