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The Armada Finale by CosmicTrashbag

The Armada Finale


Something I whipped up after watching the finale to Armada.

Galvatron doing something Megatron has never done and ending the series being a fucking hero and saving the entire universe.

Not that I'm salty over this fandom and it's bullshit bias towards Megatron who only has to look sad and "oh I'm hanging out with the good guys/trying better" and suddenly he doesn't need to face any actual punishment or trial for slaughtering thousands but no matter how sweet, better-than-megatron, more-interesting-than-megatron, how minor-in-comparison his crimes, Galvatron is always the "yeah this guy is a one dimensional anger man who only deserves to die" even though he's ended TWO series as a fucking hero compared to Megatrons ZERO times.