Perceptor by CosmicTrashbag



5 March 2019 at 12:30:39 MST


  • He can indeed swivel his head around like an owl.
  • When he zooms in on things rings in his optics expand as he looks at things further away/smaller and smaller, usually the amount and size of the rings indicate how far he is looking.
  • He has many times swung his head around with his vision still magnified causing himself significant nausea and dizziness.
  • Formed an odd friendship with Brawn after working together on a mission. Neither of them seem to quite ‘get’ the other but they hang out regardless.
  • Due to his frame, he’s not capable of taking as many hits as other Autobots and as such tends to spend a majority of his time away from the fighting.
  • He’s pretty awkward. Friendly but awkward.
  • Can’t help but ‘nerd out’ about certain things, if he’s excited by something or the potential of something he’s found, he’ll ramble on at length and seemingly without end or will drop whatever he’s doing to go examine what’s caught his fancy.
  • Inventor of Corrostop, designed to protect things from the wear and tear of weather by providing a strong protective layer. As it turned out some of the active ingredients, when mixed together, created a cure for “Cosmic Rust”.
  • He was forced into the forefront of fighting during the Unicron wars.
  • This meant he was responsible for helping with the creation of WMD’s for use against Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge. All were useless against their Unicron-joined state.
  • He was also made to fight alongside other bots and found he was a dab hand at sniping but the mindset he enters while sniping is quite cold and intimidating. He doesn’t like acting that way and other bots are kinda creeped out by him like that.
  • Almost fainted at the sight of Unicron.
  • While unintentional he can be a bit dismissive/snooty about things and people he finds to be ‘stupid’.
  • He identified Galvatrons mental damage quite quickly after seeing the excess energy ‘sparking off’ around his helm. But due to being at war it’s not like he could’ve just popped on over to Chaar with some advice.
  • Despite their awkwardness he found himself feeling pretty hollow to discover Megatron had shot and crushed Brawn.
  • Has had to be held down a few times because “No Perceptor I don’t think you can collect samples off the Unicronians without being spotted and attacked, yes I know their biology is probably fascinating it still does not mean you can go do it”.
  • Gets on great with Skyfire and has been fiddling about with building the Seeker some joint supports.
  • Occasionally makes chirp-like warbles.
  • Makes very, very quiet tweeting noises when he sleeps.
  • He can run on all fours like Seekers and some other bots can, but he has small/little palms due to how his hands are so it often causes him pain to put such pressure on the joint. As such quadrupedal motion is a last resort for him.

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