Rumble and Frenzy by CosmicTrashbag

Rumble and Frenzy


5 March 2019 at 09:04:38 MST

Watch out! Here's the shitty pangolin twins here to cause a ruckus!

  • Rumble is blue, Frenzy is red. (This is my AU, so fuck you! Sorry couldn't resist.)
  • They are among the youngest Decepticons.
  • Seeing either of them running away from something while grinning means they have absolutely just messed with someone.
  • Used to work in the mines due to their pile drivers.
  • They’re Megatron’s second favourite punching bags after Starscream.
  • They’re almost incapable of not uttering a joke or funny comment if they think they have one.
  • Play a lot of video games when they can.
  • Rumble is very much what you’d expect of a little street punk and just enjoys wrecking everything he can, he’s tougher than Frenzy and can be quick-tempered. While a little less tough than his brother, Frenzy lacks the sense to be aware of it and rushes into anything and everything headfirst with little forethought and revels in the mayhem he causes, he’s also a little less bright than his brother and possibly the younger twin.
  • Soundwave is aware of their pranking antics but has an undeniable soft spot for them and will admit himself he can be too lenient on them.
  • They once duct taped Starscream to the ceiling.
  • Got on amazingly with Skywarp and made a terrible pranking trio. They miss him.
  • They tried befriending Cyclonus upon discovering he mutated from his corpse but found he was not the same bot anymore.
  • Galvatron once made the terrible mistake of allowing them leeway by telling them:“I don’t care what you call me as long as it’s not an insult and you get on with your work!”The number of names they made up for him was extraordinary.
  • Surprisingly they settled on “Bro”. Also surprisingly Galvatron accepted this ‘nickname’ and responds to it always.
  • Their tail acts as a third leg/prop when they use their piledrivers which is probably why they’re not affected at all by the tremors they cause.
  • They like to use their piledrivers to mess about with human seismologists.
  • They have laughed themselves into a state of tears before over something insignificant.
  • Soundwave sometimes hangs them up by their tail when they sleep as the claws will automatically clamp over whatever touches them.
  • They are absolutely fascinated with the Garbage Guts and will approach Galvatron, Cyclonus and Scourge with whatever latest find they have and try to convince them to eat it.
  • Claim they were first to adopt Galvatron into their ‘fold’ by calling him Bro as Soundwave’s semi-official adoption of him came after.

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