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Megatron by CosmicTrashbag



The asshat himself!

• Megatron is rich. Like FILTHY rich.
• He practically owned Cybertron.
• Regularly paid off council members to pass laws through.
• Everyone has their price.
• Kaon was his home and he owned the entire prison state.
• If you don’t have a job you’re lazy and want handouts.
• Pay rise? Megatron says you just can’t budget properly idiot.
• Joined in with the gladiator matches in Kaon knowing full well that if the ‘technically’ illegal activity was busted he wouldn’t be punished. He ‘owns’ the police after all. These were good times for him to fight and kill people whenever he wished.
• Hired Shockwave as Kaon’s top scientist and deliberately isolated him. Shockwave already had trouble forming empathic bonds and this deliberate isolation made it worse, Megatron enjoyed his increasing willingness to perform more and more morally ambiguous experiments.
• No one in Kaon recognised him in the gladiator ring and he knew how to hide his identity anyway, if he just appealed to their “ridiculous” notion of being “oppressed” and “treated unfairly” they eat out the palm of his hand. Megatron says the way to get the “uneducated riffraff” to obey is to pretend you care or that you’re ‘one of them’.
• Besides, if Megatron pinned the blame on the Council and other people for “scrounging/stealing their money” and ‘causing’ their state of poverty they’ll distract themselves being angry at them and not at him even though he’s the one who is making changes to cash flow so he gets more
• His cannon was created by Starscream, who unaware of Megatrons full identity and actual reasonings, bought into the Gladiator rebelling against a corrupt council schtick and wanted to help. Megatron was impressed by this weapon and offered Starscream a place.
• Master manipulator, as if not obvious already.
• After a ‘spy’ from Iacon infiltrated his Kaon he became paranoid that the “unfit” were going to take his ‘hard earned wealth’ away from him. This caused him to plan an assault on Iacon. If they wanted to destroy him, he’ll destroy them first.
• He OWNS you Iacon, you can’t do this to HIM.
• Treats Starscream like his personal punching bag and tosses money at him after he’s finished abusing him to “keep his whiny mouth shut”. Megatron eventually took a liking to forcing Starscream to crawl through dirt to get the coins even if Starscream didn’t want them.
• Strangled Starscream so much his voice was permanently damaged.
• A violent sociopathic psychopath.
• Beat Ravage to a pulp then made him the Technimal we know.
• Liberal with physical punishment, no matter how small the offence.
• Only gives out compliments when it benefits himself or occasionally to deliberately pit two people against each other for his own amusement.
• Who’d disobey him? He’s the one with the wealth and power here, don’t they know their place?.
• Involved with numerous illegal crime-rings across the galaxy. Why stop at having the wealth to have practically owned Cybertron when he could garner the wealth and connections to own the entire Universe? But then again that’s just a back-up plan, first he wants to invade it.
• Responsible for the death of billions but feels no shame, they were clearly not worthy to live with him and his ‘elites’.
• Enjoys war and ‘culling’ the unfit.

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