Commission: 8BitEric 2 by CosmicRose

Commission: 8BitEric 2


3 September 2015 at 16:02:45 MDT

Youtube channel art commission for 8BitEric!

Interested in something like this? Contact me for more info! I'm currently open for commissions right now!

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    spyro <333

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      If only I could like comments, lol!

      Spyro's the best! ♥

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        he really is though <3
        i'm planning a future tattoo with his purple little mug

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          Oh that's awesome! You have to share pics when that happens! 8D

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            you bet your fluffy butt i will! :D i've gotta come up with a design i would like for it though... i'm thinking of getting him on my wrist

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              That would be cute! :D