Commission Prices 2016 ver 1.2 by cory

Commission Prices 2016 ver 1.2


22 June 2016 at 15:47:38 MDT

AX Prep is DONE so commissions will be open now indefinitely until I find a new job! :0

To request a commission or to inquire about a price quote, email me at

New Additions!
Experimental Tarot Cards! Done at Tarot size, give me your character and a card and I'll do the rest! Final images will vary.

Reference Sheets! Include two to three full body poses, whatever you need! Front and back, different outfits! Accessories, items, and inventory can also be added on! Base price of 100 usd gets you all of this.

Flat rate Pokemon Teams! First time I'm doing flat rate commissions for full Pokemon teams (option to choose one, three, or six Pokemon) Each commission comes with all images compiled together and also an individual file for the trainer and each Pokemon!

Please feel free to ask for any clarification or special requests/quotes!

I will!
draw humans, anthros, ferals, and everything in between!
draw pin-up/suggestive work
work off of either visual references, written references, or a combination of the two

I won't!
draw porn, fetish art, or any other sexually explicit content

Rules and restrictions are subject to change as needed!

I reserve the right to turn down any commission for any reason! Thank you!

Terms of Service and Use

All transactions are done through and will be sent via invoice. Piece will be started once payment, or half payment, has been received. Commissioner has 30 days to pay the fee. If not paid in this time window without contacting the artist with the reason, the commission is considered no longer wanted and will be removed from the queue.

The commissioner has all personal rights to the commissioned work and they are allowed to repost it on other sites, use it in personal website layouts, print it with no intention to sell, etc. The commissioned work is a private piece and is not to be used for commercial purposes of any sort.

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