Apotheosis...? by Coracroma



25 May 2014 at 07:29:57 MDT

And at long last the final page to the story.

Cora figured that the only way to calm down the little assailants was for their friend to properly explain the situation, but as they were too riled up to listen to her she went with a more direct route of making Nae audible...looks like she overshot her intended mark which led to an encounter with Oojirasagi the god of her "Blade under Mask" setting. (I quite enjoyed that he is about the same size as Coracroma, a nice little touch if you ask me :D ), now let's see how long it takes Nae to realize her woes have been absolved (does this sentence make any sense, whatsoever? Need correction here! For those wondering, I'm referring to this picture : https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10964726/ , sorry Nae, I couldn't possibly resist D: )

It took me way too long to upload this picture, but I as very busy with work which led me with little time (I mostly spend it with browsing around FA and answering a journal here and there) which makes me feel real bad because I loooove this one. It has that old manga-y feel to it, and reminds me of some of my older Clamp manga (Magic Knight Rayearth to be specific), you know? The ones that got a little yellowish with age.

Again , a big thanks to   whitemantis she is such a nice person and discussing commissions with her is always a blast, if you haven't yet you should definitely try to get a commission from her, I know it takes pinpoint precision timing but oh is it worth it!

Nae and Oojirasagi © to   whitemantis

Coracroma © to me

Link to her original submission : http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13493747/


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    That's absolutely beautiful and amazing!