sculpt badge - bjorg by coppercentipede

sculpt badge - bjorg


14 October 2017 at 09:58:53 MDT

experimental surreal sculpted badge #2

mixed media badge for bjørg. when i gave it to her, she said it looked like her character's soul was inside of it, which was one of the coolest things to hear. with these badges, i'm going for sculpting the feel and idea of a character instead of their canon on-model appearance which sounds pretentious as hell but i don't really see a lot of interpretational art in furry and want to experiment with that

sculpted with epoxy and paper on cardboard. eye is a bright silvery resin gem. purple-gold crystal clusters in the chest and ear, crystals on the choker and antler ring, and dark gold crown are all resin casts from a sheet of crystals i grew and a natural geode that i made molds of. metallic colors are paint, gold pen, and paint with metallic powder mixed in. eyeshadow is metallic purple. tears, jewellery, and drawn details are bright gold. faint gold highlights throughout. background is a mix of black, faded gold, metallic purple, and bright gold drawn details.

just realizing now how bad these photos are so i'll try to get some clearer ones bc this badge is gorgeous in person