NPS Commission - Coloring/I Spy Activity (Print) by cooley

NPS Commission - Coloring/I Spy Activity (Print)


4 July 2016 at 20:34:03 MDT

This is a double-page spread Coloring/I Spy activity for kids, published in the National Park Service (NPS) Alaska Public Lands Information Center (APLIC) Centennial Junior Ranger book. I created this full color version and am releasing it as a a limited edition print (AP 1-10) in my August Great Harvest art show.

How many of these animals can you name? Can you find the invasive species? (Pike, Pig, and Raccoon). | Commission Info
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    Yay! Bowhead appreciation! <3

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      He was a lot of fun to draw!

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        I bet he was! Bowheads are belugas are my favorite sea mammals.

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    I can't name a lot of these animals! I can figure out a lot of the mammals, and I recognize some of the birds and fish, but I don't know many of their names. It's a very cool illustration, though!