National Park Service Commission WIP by cooley

National Park Service Commission WIP


2 March 2016 at 23:08:49 MST

This is a work in progress of a large, double-page spread coloring/I spy activity for kids.

All of the aquatic animals are inked, tomorrow I will tackle the terrestrial animals.

Can you find the king salmon? Also, the rockfish is my favorite thus far. | Commission Info
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    This is delightful! Did they approach you or was there a job listing somewhere? I loved doing exhibit work for the NC state parks. Artwork for the national park system is SUPER cool! For some reason I think the Bowhead Whale is my favorite, but there's many more critters to go.

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    It's been great seeing your sketches, I love how you're working the composition around the spiral! Hehe, and I totally spot the king salmon, so cute! :)