2019 07 30 Beast Ambush by ColorsOfFear

2019 07 30 Beast Ambush


9 September 2019 at 16:02:52 MDT

when you enter a room to beat up some sad bastard prophets and suddenly Cleric Beast theme starts playing.

The health bar is from a Bloodborne screenshot.

Edit: Timelapse

Music || Alternative (also the (secondary) source of inspiration for Shyren’s pose)

[ID: 2 digital drawings. They are mostly identical, showing a bald human man with a yellow lightsaber in one hand, and a robot arm, looking over his shoulder at a shadowy beast lunging at him from upper right side of the drawing. The only difference between the drawings is that the bottom drawing has a red health bar overlaid over the bottom of the drawing, with text reading: “Shyren, Chosen of Nahut” above the left side of the health bar.]