2019 04 03 Death's Mercy by ColorsOfFear

2019 04 03 Death's Mercy


7 September 2019 at 09:19:09 MDT

Styrak, Death’s Mercy

I think I like this style I sort of rediscovered a lot. I used to draw in a similar style several years ago, but then stopped, and it’s nice to revisit it with better tools, and better understanding of drawing in general.

[ID: a digital drawing of a man’s profile, facing left. He is a human-like alien with muted red skin and ridges marking his face and neck. He has small tendrils come off his cheeks sort of like a mustache, and one glowing red eye. He also has dark shoulder-length hair. he is wearing a red coat with a grey accent over the shoulder over a black shirt. He is placed closer to the left side of the drawing, and has three pairs of black wings trailing behind him. He is surrounded by a red halo and stylized red eyes, all of which have a gold leaf texture and gold spots all over. The halo has the words “DEATH’S MERCY” spelled along it in Aurebesh.]