2019 04 21 Syrene by ColorsOfFear

2019 04 21 Syrene


2 May 2019 at 04:37:33 MDT

Syrene the singer for the an OC party event on Tumblr.

Syrene is a singer Sith Lord, who used to work with Imperial Reclamation Service and possibly diplomatic missions. She helped establish contact with the Massassi of Yavin 4, and is married to a Massassi lady.

She is partially inspired by Mylene Farmer, a singer I’m rather fond of!

The pose was partially referenced from a stock photo (mostly the arms, the rest is my own drawing). The dress is referenced from a dress Mylene Farmer wore on one of her live performances.

[ID: a digital drawing of a woman singing. She is very pale, has white slightly curly hair that reaches her shoulders, with bangs in front, a round face, and pale lilac eyes. She has pointed ears, small claws on her hands, and ridges visible along her thighs and sternum. She has fuller figure, and is wearing a sparkly red dress with a plunging neckline and slits on the sides, so her legs are visible, and black boots with red platform heels and a red accent up the front, that mimics the shape of the dress’s neckline. There’s also a black transparent veil attached to bracelets on her wrists and somewhere on her back. It’s shaped a bit like wings. She is standing with her arms wide open.]

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