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💙Taken by the adorable lovely SexySpots💙

Hey all! I'm new to Weasyl and hope to make this a fresh start to my art work. I'm usually a pretty busy bee, with college and whatnot but I try to make time for art whenever I can! (Though that usually means drawing when I should be studying.) Because of this, I usually end up doing mostly sketch work, but I would love to have feedback on any piece I upload! Progress is the name of the game, right?


Fur Affinity


Colored Sketch

Colored Sketch; Pencil lines with digital color
$ 5.00

Flat Color

Single Character Full-Body in Flat Color
$ 15.00
add  Additional Character
$ 5.00
add  Background
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00

Line Art

Single Character Full-Body Line Art
$ 10.00
add  Additional Character
$ 5.00


Fully Painted Scene with Single Full-Body Character and Simple Background
$ 30.00
add  Additional Character
$ 10.00
add  Increased Background Complexity
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00

Reference Sheets

Base Sheet; Includes front view, palette, one prop and character info
$ 30.00
add  3 Props
$ 3.00
add  Back View, 3/4 Body
$ 5.00
add  Back View, Full-Body
$ 10.00
add  Close Ups; Price per each
$ 2.00
add  Outfit View
$ 5.00

Soft Shaded

Single Character Full-Body with Soft Shading
$ 20.00
add  Additional Character
$ 5.00
add  Background
from $ 5.00
to $ 10.00

Simplified Terms Of Service

  • When ordering, please fill out the form at the bottom of the commission info. It will also be available in any announcement submissions or journals.
  • Payment will only be accepted via Paypal invoice, unless discussed beforehand.
  • Work will be done as closely to first-come-first-serve order as possible. If an order takes longer than two weeks please contact me.
  • I reserve the right to refuse to accept or complete an order. If payment has already been accepted it will be refunded based on the progress of the work.
  • I live in the Pacific Standard Timezone and will be most available from 12PM to 10PM PST.
  • If you would like a request, tell me your favorite fruit in your reference/pose PM so I know you read my TOS.


  • If a situation is not represented in my current TOS I reserve the right to act as I deem necessary.
  • I reserve the right to make changes to my TOS at any time.
  • Customers are responsible for reading the TOS, and are accepting these terms when they place an order.
  • More detailed ToS available here:

Do's and Don'ts

✔️Will Draw✔️
I'm open to a lot of things so if it's not on the following lists its very likely that it's okay.
If your idea falls under the Might Draw list or if you're unsure where it falls, please talk to me about it. I'll be happy to clear up anything for you.

❔Might Draw❔
◼️Drugs, depending on the kind ◼️Dubious consent in NSFW (Owners of all characters involved MUST approve) ◼️Gore, depending on degree of intensity and detail

❌Will Not Draw❌
◼️Cub porn ◼️Scat/urine/dirty diapers ◼️Vomit ◼️TF, macro/micro◼️Ponies◼️humanxfurry porn

Commission Form

Commission type: Colored Sketch, Lines, etc
Character reference(s):
Rating: SFW, Mature, Explicit
Additional details: Clothing preferences, facial expressions, etc


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