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Sammy with the Alt. Poly flag by CoffeeBeanFlowerQueen

Sammy with the Alt. Poly flag


I keep forgetting to post this but I got this cute YCH from bulaxo!

The flag that Sam is holding is the alternate version of the polyamorous flag. Or at least, one of many alternate versions. This is the version that I like the most and feel the most for beside the original flag, so that's why I got it done with this flag!

A little story behind this. A little bit of last year and all of this year I've been figuring out my sexuality and gender identity. Beside all that, I got out of a really bad relationship in part because I was figuring out and researching that I might be polyamorous. The relationship didn't fall apart because of that. There was a lot more going on and all I can say is that I'm thankful to not be in that relationship anymore.

Because it's pride (or at least the last day of pride) and I've been out for several years with my sexuality, I wanted to come out and be proud of another part of me! I don't know how long I'll be polyamorous for or if this will even last my whole life, people grow and change all the time, but I am more than happy with where I am right now!

Happy pride everyone and don't let anyone tell you how to feel or who to love!!

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