Closed_Book_Turntable by CoffeeBeanFlowerQueen



29 March 2019 at 15:25:28 MDT

I'm an asset modeller. This means I make things like tables, chairs, plates or in this case, books for the background of 3D scenes. I don't make anything organic. I tried my hand at doing characters and it didn't turn out that great. Plus, I have a lot more fun doing things like this.

Also, like the idiot I am I didn't unfold my UV's. If you want to buy this model from me, I can promise you that that problem will be fixed.

The turntable render took about three days to render, because I started to render the scene right after I finished recording a video of the modelling and texturing for this. I wasn't home a lot so every time my computer fell asleep it would haphazardly pause the render. That's the reason the render took three days.

I'm really sorry about that big watermark that my renderer put over the animation. It's never done that before and it might be because of the resolution I used??? Full 1080x1920, HD. It's never done this and yes, I use Arnold. Redshift is ultimately a little better because it gives more prettier looking renders but all I needed to do was show off the model. Also, for some reason, it wouldn't fit the render to the screen??? Thanks Premiere???

Process Video: