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Donut - Normal Form (For Donut_Floofy) by CodyTheAquaticWerewolf

Donut - Normal Form (For Donut_Floofy)


Here's an picture I made for Donut_Floofy of his character, heh. It's part of an bigger picture i'm working on but since I am goung through an 'Art In Each Month of The Year' schedule & i'm busy with 2 other projects. I decided to show only Donut's normal form this month.

To those who don't know, Donut is an trans wolf & an friend of mine on the Crimson Flags/Rain Burn Forum Chat. He also has an aquatic form too (I gifted him an second Aqua-Necklace, similar to mine), you'll see it when I uploaded the full picture one day.

Also the pedant of the necklace is an Dahlia.

See you next time. :)