[Axemid] Game of Gears by CocoaMint (critique requested)

[Axemid] Game of Gears (critique requested)


3 November 2018 at 20:24:00 MDT

Full Title: Axel x Namid :: Game of Gears

Other Titles:
Axel x Namid :: Corrupted Souls
Axel x Namid :: A Tainted Throne
Axel x Namid :: Double The Trouble
Axel x Namid :: Greed And Lust

This title pun was brought to you by rapidkirby3k. Lol!

Working on this picture felt like a month... well... actually it has passed a month since I started working on it. I took an immense amount of breaks from it.

This simple coloring style was chosen because of the way I was doing the linearts.

Nothing special to tell about this picture.
Just Axel Gear and Namid hanging around inside a throne room of a fallen kingdom.

Axel Gear is a greedy, egoistic and arrogant type of guy as we all know, so I thought it would only be natural if he would take a seat on that broken throne that was fully made out of gold.
Namid, being the (mostly) disobeying kind of personality, took the opportunity to take a quite comfortable seat on his lap.

...What did you guys expect? They're Black Knights. You really think that "respect" and "private space" are words they have within their vocabulary?

For any further questions... just ask.

Rocket Knight Franchise | Axel Gear © Konami
Namid | Artwork © CocoaMint CocoaMint
Created With: Paint Tool SAI